TOP TIER™ Gasoline and Diesel

What is TOP TIER™ Gasoline?
You wouldn't let the outside of your vehicle look dirty, why let the inside?
TOP TIER™ does the cleaning for you.
TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline is the premier standard for gasoline performance. Nine of the world's top automakers, BMW, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi recognize that the current EPA minimum detergent requirements do not go far enough to ensure optimal engine performance.

Since the minimum additive performance standards were first established by the EPA in 1995, most gasoline marketers have actually reduced the concentration level of detergent additive in their gasoline by up to 50%. As a result, the ability of a vehicle to maintain stringent Tier 2 emission standards has been hampered, leading to engine deposits that can have a big impact on in-use emissions and driver satisfaction.

Nine top automakers have raised the bar. TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline helps drivers avoid lower quality gasoline which can leave deposits on critical engine parts, reducing engine performance. That's something drivers and automakers can get behind.