TOP TIER™ for Retailers

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It’s easy to become licensed!

Additive Companies formulate additive packages and conduct rigorous and standardized engine testing at ISO certified, independent test labs, ultimately receiving TOP TIER™ approval.

The retailer agrees to supply fuel containing an approved TOP TIER™ additive package at the approved treat rate and display the logo.

Click here to obtain the forms and information for becoming a TOP TIER™ Licensee. The additive and treat rate forms can be used with Steps 2 & 3 to help communicate with your supplier or additive company. These forms become Appendix B of the TOP TIER™ License Agreement.

For TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel qualification, provide information on use of 10 micron (absolute) filters for low-flow dispenser pumps and 30 micron (or less) filters for high-flow dispenser pumps.

Contact your fuel supplier to inquire about available TOP TIER™ approved fuels. To complete Step 3, your supplier will need to give you:

  • The TOP TIER™ approved additive package supplier being used
  • The TOP TIER™ approved additive package product number being used
  • The TOP TIER™ approved treat rate being used

Approved TOPTIER™ additive packages are available off the shelf. If your fuel supplier does not offer any TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline or TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel fuels, contact us to see what options may exist.

Complete and sign the TOP TIER™ License Agreement, which includes declaration of the approved TOP TIER™ additive packages and treat rates you will be using in fuel provided at your services stations. Note that the Diesel Program requires adherence to housekeeping to minimize particulate and water contamination from storage or dispensing equipment from entering the vehicle’s fuel system.

Obtain gasoline or diesel fuel containing your approved TOP TIER™ additive package at the treat rate specified from your fuel supplier. If you are participating in the Gasoline Program, TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline must be supplied in all octane grades at all your stations. If a participant is in the Diesel Program, then TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel must be supplied at select stations as specified.

Prominently display the logo at your service stations so consumers recognize you participate in the TOP TIER™ Program and supply fuel meeting its requirements. If participating in the Diesel Program, please take care to ensure the TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel logo is clearly displayed at your select stations’ pumps.

Get recognized! Upon notification that Steps 1-5 have been completed, your licensed brand(s) will be listed on the TOP TIER™ website brands pages. An accurate listing of station locations must also be submitted in order for them to be included in the Station Finder.

Gasoline Performance Standard

The TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline Deposit Control Performance Standard describes the test methods used and the performance requirements that retail unleaded gasoline must meet to be licensed as TOP TIER™.

Diesel Performance Standard

The TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel Performance Standard was developed to improve performance, in turn helping the diesel fuel retailers, auto and engine manufacturers, and particularly those who drive or use diesel-powered equipment.

A Higher Fuel Standard

Is TOP TIER™ Better?

What is TOP TIER™ gasoline?