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Journey of Innovation
A Chronology of TOP TIER™'s Evolution

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Inception and Ideation

General Motors (GM), with the support of BMW, Toyota and Honda, develop a specification for a higher detergency gasoline called TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline. The use of TOP TIER™ Fuels increases customer satisfaction by keeping their vehicle’s injectors and intake valves clean, helping to maintain optimal performance.

2006 - 2007

Gaining Approval

36% of all gasoline sold in the U.S. market and 40% in Canada is TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline. Many of the automotive OEM Sponsors include TOP TIER™ recommendation in the Fuels Section of their Vehicle Owner’s Manual.

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Setting a Standard and TOP TIER™ Expands

A new phase of the program begins, requiring all TOP TIER™ additives to have independent accreditations from ISO 17025 performance testing laboratories. 

Chevron becomes first TOP TIER™ licensee in Mexico.

2013 - 2014

TOP TIER™ Continues to Expand.
New Sponsor Joins.

Sol Puerto Rico becomes first TOP TIER™
licensee in Puerto Rico.

Mercedes-Benz and VW / Audi become a TOP TIER™ Sponsor.

Puerto Rico timeline


TOP TIER™ Enlists new Program Administrator. New Sponsor Joins.

The Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) is selected as the Program Administrator with their 20 plus years of experience in developing, implementing and administering custom licensing programs including quality control and monitoring, product auditing, marketing and more.

Stellantis becomes a TOP TIER™ Sponsor.


AAA - Not All Gasoline Created Equal.
TOP TIER™ Expands into Central America.

Based on an independent engine testing program, AAA recommends drivers to use a gasoline that meets TOP TIER™ standards for engine cleanliness and performance. Read more.

PUMA expands TOP TIER™ license to be the first licensee in Central America.

Detroit Diesel timeline

2017 - 2018

TOP TIER™ Expands into South America. TOP TIER™ Launches Diesel Fuel. New Sponsors Join.

Chevron expands TOP TIER™ license to be the first licensee in South America.

TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel launches to offer detergency to prevent fuel injector deposits, enhanced stability, improved lubricity and lower water and particulate contamination.

Detroit Diesel, Ford, and Navistar become a TOP TIER™ Sponsor.

2022 - 2023

TOP TIER™ Consumer Awareness Campaign and Continued Growth

TOP TIER™ switched from TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline and Diesel Fuel to TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline and Diesel as a way of reinforcing that the program is the “Stamp of Approval” by many of the leading Global Automakers and not a competing fuel brand to the Fuel Marketers.

TOP TIER™ website now includes a new Station Finder feature to make it easier to find fuel marketers offering TOP TIER™ Approved Fuels.

New marketing initiatives are launched to promote TOP TIER™ brand awareness across North America.

Approximately 50% of 150,000 U.S. Retail Stations are registered TOP TIER™ Approved Fuel providers equaling about 70% of U.S. retail gasoline supply.

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20 Years of Excellence

TOP TIER™ celebrates 20th anniversary with the launch of the new GDI & PFI gasoline engine technology Performance Standard targeted for the end of the year.

A new mobile app underway to help consumers locate TOP TIER™ Approved Fuel stations.

Costco expands TOP TIER™ license to be the first licensee in Japan.

Subaru of America becomes a TOP TIER™ Sponsor.

Over 83 TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline brands and 3 TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel brands of fuel licensed in the program totaling 100,389 stations worldwide.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the TOP TIER­™ Approved Fuels Program, in an initiative that has reshaped the landscape of fuel detergency standards and clean engine vehicle performance since its inception.

Collaboratively introduced in 2004 by General Motors, BMW, Toyota, and Honda, TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline and Diesel have become synonymous with exceptional fuel quality and engine care. Now, they are joined by eight more leading auto manufacturers including Audi, Daimler Truck, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Navistar, Stellantis, Subaru of America, and Volkswagen.

Together, these auto manufacturers have raised the bar for gasoline detergency performance to meet consumers’ daily driving needs.

“From day one, our vision for the TOP TIER™ Program was clear: set a new standard for fuel detergency that meets the evolving needs of modern engines and the consumers who rely on them,” said Veronica Reilly, Program Manager, Senior Engineer, GEFL, General Motors. “Twenty years later, we celebrate not only the achievements of the past but the innovations that lie ahead.”

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Center for Quality Assurance
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Becoming a TOP TIER™ Licensee

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For TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel qualification, provide information on use of 10 micron (absolute) filters for low-flow dispenser pumps and 30 micron (or less) filters for high-flow dispenser pumps.

Center for Quality Assurance
Attn: TOP TIER Licensing Program | 4800 James Savage Road | Midland, MI 48642 USA