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Fuel Additive companies continually develop new TOP TIER™ gasoline and diesel additive packages based on their customers’ requirements. The additive companies validate the additive packages to the TOP TIER™ Performance Standards at independent ISO 17025 certified engine test laboratories. Data packages are submitted to the TOP TIER Program Manager at CQA. Upon approval by the TOP TIER™ OEM Sponsors, the additive company is informed in writing the package has been approved for use in licensed TOP TIER™ Approved Fuels.

The TOP TIER Program strives to keep the annual operating costs and license fees to a minimum while focusing on consumer benefits, conformance to the Performance Standard requirements, and legal maintenance of the TOP TIER™ trademark. There is a minimal annual license fee based on the number of service stations owned/operated by each Fuel Marketer.

The TOP TIER™ Program is not just about a high detergent treat rate. It is a robust engine cleanliness performance standard using specific verified chemistry packages at proven concentrations to help keep vehicles running optimally. It also prohibits the use of organometallic fuel additives known to damage emissions after treatment systems. The additive packages approved for use in licensed TOP TIER™ fuels have been shown to meet the performance standard and have been approved by the TOP TIER™ OEM Sponsors.

All gasoline stations of a licensed Fuel Marketer must supply gasoline using a TOP TIER™ approved additive package at the specified treat rate and must not contain any organometallic additives (e.g., manganese or iron-based chemistries). Fuel Marketers cannot select certain octane grades to be TOP TIER™. All octane grades offered must be TOP TIER™ compliant, however, some Fuel Marketers may choose to put additional additives in some of their octane grades.

Because of the complexity of the supply chain, diesel Fuel Marketers may enroll select stations in the TOP TIER™ Diesel Program and clear labelling at the point of sale is critical for the consumer. All grades of diesel fuel under the branded canopy at the select stations must meet the TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel requirements.

The TOP TIER™ fuels program is a voluntary program.  Any Fuel Marketer can become a TOP TIER™ Licensee by successfully completing the steps outlined in Become TOP TIER™ Licensed.

The TOP TIER™ License Agreement specifies a minimum additive package treat rate. You are allowed to use a treat rate up to three times that approved minimum.

The TOP TIER™ Sponsors advance the program periodically to keep up with changing engine technologies; however, any prospective changes are communicated early, allowing Additive Companies and Fuel Marketers to make the necessary changes.

The Additive Companies supplying packages for TOP TIER™ licensed fuels will run them per the new performance standard requirements to determine the effectiveness of the package and the minimum TOP TIER™ treat rate. Laboratory performance data demonstrating the package meets the standard’s requirements is submitted to the TOP TIER™ OEM Sponsor team via the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA). Upon notification the package has been approved, the Additive Company will be able to make it available for use in licensed TOP TIER™ fuels.

If your supplier does not offer a product meeting the TOP TIER™ requirements, please contact us to explore other options.

The TOP TIER™ Program is not just about a high detergent treat rate – it also validates the effectiveness of the detergent chemistry. It is an engine cleanliness performance standard. Merely adding more detergent doesn’t necessarily mean a fuel is better. Fuel Marketers can meet the TOP TIER™ Program requirements and offer TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline by using additive packages at treat rates approved by the OEM Sponsors and becoming licensed.

TOP TIER™ represents a performance standard that OEM Sponsors support and recommend. Licensed Fuel Marketers are prohibited from saying they are better than TOP TIER™ in their marketing materials. TOP TIER™ allows a range of approved additive concentrations up to a maximum. It could be misleading to consumers to say “better than TOP TIER™”.

Upon completion of a TOP TIER™ License Agreement, your licensed brand name will be added to the TOP TIER™ website. The TOP TIER™ logo must be prominently displayed at your service stations, either directly labelled on the dispenser pump and/or clearly displayed within the consumer’s view when dispensing fuel.

Promoting TOP TIER™ at your stations is critical for consumers to recognize you are a participant of the program. Once the License Agreement is effective, master artwork containing the official TOP TIER™ logo will be sent for use in designing your promotional material.

You can also purchase TOP TIER™ decals here.

If both fuels contain the TOP TIER™ approved additives at the approved treat rate using an in-line injection system at the fuel supply terminal prior to comingling, the test data provided for each fuel is sufficient.

There are many factors that influence fuel quality. For gasoline powered engines, the requirements for TOP TIER™ Approved Gasolines primarily address engine deposits from low quality fuels and prohibit the use of organometallic components in fuel that could cause harm to emissions aftertreatment systems.

For diesel powered engines, the requirements for TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel address quality issues related to injector deposits, wear on pumps and injectors, fuel stability, and particulate and water contamination.

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For TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel qualification, provide information on use of 10 micron (absolute) filters for low-flow dispenser pumps and 30 micron (or less) filters for high-flow dispenser pumps.

Center for Quality Assurance
Attn: TOP TIER Licensing Program | 4800 James Savage Road | Midland, MI 48642 USA