TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel Brands
  • Must meet the stringent standards of the TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel Performance Standard, including best practice housekeeping to minimize particulate and water contamination.
  • Stations must prominently display the TOP TIER™ logo at the fuel dispenser. NOTE: Not all stations of a licensed brand may be selling TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel. Find more information here.
  • Reduces Deposits, Increases Lubricity, and Improves Fuel Stability for a Cleaner Diesel Fuel. See below for more information on how TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel achieves these important attributes.


Licensed Retail Brands Countries
Co-op Canada - select locations only
Costco Wholesale Canada - select locations only
Costco Wholesale USA - select locations only
Kirkland Signature Canada - select locations only
Kirkland Signature USA - select locations only
Neste MY Renewable Diesel USA, Canada
Reduces Injector Deposits

Using TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel can help mitigate internal and external injector deposits which will 1) maintain optimal performance with respect to engine power and 2) maintain optimal fuel economy.

Increases Lubricity
ASTM D975 standard for lubricity is the current minimum requirement, but higher operating pressures in modern diesel engines increases mechanical wear in fuel pumps and injectors when poor lubricity fuels are used. TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel requires improved lubricity relative to diesel and biodiesel fuels that meet ASTM D975 or ASTM D7467.

Improves Fuel Stability
Oxidation can cause fuel to take on increased water which can lead to fuel filter plugging and ultimately peroxide, acid, and gum formation, breaking down elastomeric seals or causing deposits and corrosion damage. TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel specifies higher oxidation stability than ASTM requirements for biodiesel fuels.

Cleaner Diesel Fuel
Proper filtration will reduce fuel contamination and maintain optimal performance for power & fuel economy while also reducing unplanned maintenance for consumers as related to fuel filters, fuel pumps, and fuel injectors.

Water is a leading cause of corrosion in vehicle fuel systems and contributes to risks for microbial growth, reduced lubricity, and other issues. Controlling water as specified in the TOP TIER™ diesel housekeeping requirements will reduce unplanned maintenance for consumers and help maintain optimal engine performance.

TOP TIER™ is recommended by the following:
Ford Honda Toyota Mercedes-Benz
Navistar VW Detroit Diesel
Vehicle and equipment manufacturers write and enforce the standards

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