KRON San Francisco Compares Gasoline from Costco and Sam’s Club

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KRON San Francisco compared gasoline from Costco and Sam’s Club, highlighting various factors to consider when choosing the best brand. The article cites AAA’s 2016 findings, noting that “fuel use without the TOP TIER™ additive package could result in 2% to 4% lower miles per gallon, increased emissions, and a greater chance of maintenance issues.” […]

AAA Urges Drivers to Consider TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline

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In a recent article, AAA encouraged drivers to prioritize TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline when filling up their tanks. This recommendation comes as TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline gains recognition for its widespread availability and the benefits it offers in terms of fuel economy and vehicle performance. TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline has become a top choice for […]

TOP TIER™ Program Exceeds 100,000 Licensed Stations

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The TOP TIER™ program has surpassed a significant milestone recently, exceeding over 100,000 Licensed stations dispensing TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline with 83 TOP TIER™ brands. Some of the most recent additions to this list are Costco in Japan, First American Petroleum in the Western United States and UNO Central America. The TOP TIER™ Program, developed […]

TOP TIER™ Approved Fuels Program Welcomes Subaru of America, Inc.

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The TOP TIER™ Approved Fuels Program, recognized for promoting high-quality fuel detergency standards and founded by a consortium of leading global automakers, is excited to announce its latest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) program sponsor, Subaru of America, Inc., a leading automotive manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Mike Campbell, Vice President, […]


Gas Prices

An article published by ABC4, a news station located in Salt Lake City, Utah, shed light on the rise in gas prices in Utah as the summer months approach. The author provided some useful tips to increase your fuel economy and help save money at the gas pumps, which highlighted TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline, stating […]

Costco Japan Now Offering TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline!

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Beginning on March 1st, Kirkland Signature Gasoline, a Costco brand, debuted as the first Fuel Marketer to offer TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline in Japan. Costco’s initial launch began with 22 stations, and they look forward to continuing to grow their footprint and providing driving customers with high quality TOP TIER™ Fuels. Congratulations, Costco! Other Regional […]

TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline Campaign – You Get Out What You Put In

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The TOP TIER™ Program launched an extensive online advertising initiative across a variety of streaming services and social media platforms, with the aim of informing consumers about the benefits of choosing TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline. The endeavor proved to be highly successful, resulting in a consumer base expansion that surpassed our initial projections. The second […]

TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline Campaign Continues to Educate Consumers

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The TOP TIER™ Program ran a national digital ad campaign over several streaming and social media channels this year to help educate consumers on the value of purchasing TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline. The campaign was a big success and the Consumer community has grown beyond our expectations. The first of the TOP TIER™ Program’s video […]

24/7 Wall St. Highlights TOP TIER™

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24/7 Wall St., a financial news and opinion company, highlighted the 9 worst gasoline brands in America. The 9 listed were non-TOP TIER™ brands and 24/7 Wall St. has highlighted why “Gasoline Quality Really Does Matter.” The author also highlighted the TOP TIER™ brands and referenced the AAA study quoting AAA, “Among brands tested, non-TOP […]

TOP TIER™ Pump Stickers Now Available

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Midland, Michigan.  A new online order form is now available.  Order your TOP TIER™ Approved Gasoline and/or Approved Diesel pump stickers today.   Stickers will be mailed upon confirmation of order within two weeks.  The TOP TIER™ Program also offers the flexibility to mail stickers to multiple locations offering ease of distribution. Order Form

TOP TIER™ Request to Purchase Decals

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For TOP TIER™ Approved Diesel qualification, provide information on use of 10 micron (absolute) filters for low-flow dispenser pumps and 30 micron (or less) filters for high-flow dispenser pumps.

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Attn: TOP TIER Licensing Program | 4800 James Savage Road | Midland, MI 48642 USA